Swift Web Documentation

The new programming language Swift was announced by Apple during WWDC 2014. I was part of the team responsible for designing the documentation for Swift, published in the Developer Libraries.

The Swift Programming Language (June 2014).

This project was so rewarding and challenging, and I learned so much during the process. We focused on keeping the look of the documentation aligned with what we had designed for the iOS 7 documents, but there were so many new features for Swift that required us to reinterpret that design for the new language. I am proud to have been a part of this team and to have participated in this project. During this project, I was responsible for designing (and integrating) the user interface and interaction of the new document set, with Jason Barry, under art director Dave Arrigoni.

In the Language Reference, special attention was paid to how the Grammar sections would display.

Code snippets were colored to match how Swift looks in Xcode.

Again, mimicking Xcode: the bubbles in the code explanation (done with CSS) match what a developer sees in their Xcode environment.


This project is shown as part of my online portfolio.
I am an original designer, but this project was created while I was employed at this company.  The project's ownership is not mine.