Swift Reference Documentation

The Introduction page to the Scene Kit Framework Reference.

When Swift debuted in June 2014, the reference documents needed to be updated to reflect the changes the language brought. This presented a multitude of challenges to the team: we wanted to only have one set of reference documents, and there was a lot of information to be covered on one page.

In addition, the reference docs would be using the new look we had designed for iOS 7 related documents, so there was a perfect opportunity to make the reference docs both beautiful and increase usability for developers.

The classes are listed in a tree structure and each have an abstract.

I was a part of the team responsible for bringing these pages up to date, with all of the updates we’d set goals to meet. My task was largely designing the look of the new pages, along with Jason Barry, and implementing the visual changes with CSS.

The frameworks pages are minimal, but have the essential information a developer needs at the top: links.

In the redesign, on a class page, a user can pick and choose which methods they want showing at a time, and additionally, which languages they want showing (Swift, Obj-C, or both). It’s easier to access a list of the possible tasks, in a drop-down menu, and there is a search bar with built-in functionalities for a user to find what they’re looking for, faster.

Web Programmer: Jason Barry 

The Swift Standard Library Reference is online here.

On a Class Reference page, there is a Language selector, and other controls at top to help a developer find relevant information.

When a user clicks on a method, that method expands open.


This project is shown as part of my online portfolio.
I am an original designer, but this project was created while I was employed at this company.  The project's ownership is not mine.