Personal Projects

In addition to my design work, I enjoy working on personal projects. A lot of it is more analog, which keeps me working with my hands, and more fun, which keeps me laughing.


Maggie Nelson Linocut

This linocut is carved from linoleum by my very own hands. The quote is one of my favorite authors, Maggie Nelson, from an interview with Bookslut. The prints were done at 3 Fish Studios in the Sunset District (take a class, it's worth it!). Some of the prints utilize the chine-collé  technique. Total edition of 7.


Book Covers

An ongoing project, paintings of books I've finished reading.


They're already here

They're already here (Nany and Bananas walking down the hill in exile). Acrylic on canvas. 2015.

Painting rewarded to the winner of Keith DeNatale's "Fantasy Challenge Team," Patrick Lewis.


Automated "Bachelor" Bracket in Google Docs

For the past few seasons, a group of friends and I have gathered on Mondays to enjoy America's favorite True Love franchise, The Bachelor—but with a competitive bracket at stake.

You can read about how I created the bracket on Medium.



Holiday Gift Mugs

I hand painted mugs for 2014 holiday gifts.

Text featured:

  • "A** on Houston, Texas/But the face look just like Clair Huxtable" (from Only by Nicki Minaj ft. Drake and Lil Wayne)
  • "My anaconda don't want none/Unless you got buns hun" (from Anaconda by Nicki Minaj)
  • "Literal Angels/Madonna Inn 2014/Don't Tell 'Em" (commemorating a wonderful vacation) 

Zöe Miyori Fujii Logo & Labels

I’m lucky to have a friend in the talented designer, Zöe Miyori Fujii. Zöe designs her own line (available on Etsy), and is gaining attention for both her original and fun patterns as well as the easy wearability of her designs. I wrote out and designed her hand-written logo, used as a header on her Etsy store and portfolio site, as well as on the labels for her items.