Additional Work


KDVS Logo and Business System

KDVS 90.3 is the UC Davis radio station. It is a freeform station, with an admirable reach, and houses one of the largest vinyl record collections on this side of the Mississippi. For this logo, I wanted to emulate the feel of radio waves, using the graphic image of a vinyl record. 


Technical Illustrations for Apple Developer Libraries

At Apple, one of my responsibilities was to work with writers to create graphics to accompany Developer content. This was a collaborative process, and required a lot of research, so that the graphics would be accessible and accurate. The different types of illustrations and diagrams varied greatly, depending on the book they were for. 

See examples online here:

A graphic demonstrating different joints a developer can make using SpriteKit.

A diagram explaining typography terms for developers.

A more complicated handshake diagram explaining client-server interactions for the now-retired Passbook Programming Guide.


Start Developing iOS Apps Today 

Start Developing iOS Apps Today * is a first-step, learning document for novice iOS developers. As it is a more educational document, we wanted to come up with a way to take the look of the documentation, and adjust it so that the developer would be going through a linear journey of readings and tutorials.

The circles in the left navigator indicate an article to read, and the squares indicate to the developer to "stop" and work through the tutorial. As a developer goes through the document, the shapes fill in solid. 

I was also involved in the conception of the graphics and diagrams. Since this is an entry-level developer document, we wanted to offer visual help as was appropriate and most helpful, to reinforce and further explain the concepts being learned.

* Note: the version of the document I worked on has since been retired, but the look and feel and principles of the original document live on in the Swift version, linked above.


Landing page for iOS 7 Design Resources

When iOS 7 was released at WWDC in 2013, this page was the hub for the three important documents Apple Developers would need to transition their apps to iOS 7. We were looking for a splashier feel than the usual Developer Library pages. I worked on the design of this page, the icons, and the sketches for the header.