iOS 7 Human Interface Guidelines

During WWDC 2013, a new, revolutionary version of iOS, iOS 7, was announced. In addition to the the technological upgrades, there was a new look for the software. While working for the group Developer Publications, under the direction of Dave Arrigoni, I was part of a team responsible for creating a new look and feel for the iOS 7-related-documents in the Developer Libraries. (Noted: here I am focusing on the iOS 7 Human Interface Guidelines, but this design carried over into the iOS 7 Transition Guide, and the UI Kit Catalog.) The team focused on being visually consistent with iOS 7, legibility of the content, and a new organization of the content.

The "first page" view of the Human Interface Guidelines for iOS 7.

I am so proud to have been a part of the team and the process. During this project, I was responsible for designing (and integrating) the user interface and interaction of the new document set. Technically, I was responsible not only for mockups but also writing code (mostly CSS), and leading/coordinating the other artists on the team.

The look we designed has now been applied to more parts of the Developer Library, including the Swift Documentation and new Reference documents.

Team included: Dayee Leung

A page utilizing a 2-column layout.

Splashy images, as well as informative graphics, are dispersed throughout the prose in the iOS 7 Human Interface Guidelines.

The left navigation column highlights where you are in the overall Guidelines, as well as what section you are in in the current article.


This project is shown as part of my online portfolio.
I am an original designer, but this project was created while I was employed at this company.  The project's ownership is not mine.