Group Study


group study . co

My friend Evan Davis runs the online photography site Group Study. The site features projects from young photographers that Evan knows. I designed the identity and helped clean up the site from the original incarnation (then called i6).

Explore Group Study online here.


Group Study Identity

The Brand Guideline sheet we referred to while redesigning the site and connecting the print issue.

We wanted to establish an identity that would unify the site with the print issue. Evan wanted something simple but bold, so I came up with the logotype and some basic color and font choices.


Some process sketches from developing the identity.


Group Study: Issue One

To commemorate the site and the photographers featured, Evan wanted to do something in print. We concepted a book, drawing from the projects that had been featured during the first year of the site. Evan and I collaborated on curating the photos and creating the story for the book. The photos are all from various photographers featured on the site, Evan wrote the content, and I designed and laid out the book. It’s soon to be printed and sold, and more issues are in the pipeline.